He Jumped From One Heroic Deed To The Next In Just Minutes! This Guy Is Awesome.

When was the last time you witnessed something truly heroic? I don’t mean that the kid bagging your groceries offered to put them in your trunk on a really cold day while you sat in the car and warmed up. I mean an actual, real life heroic action that saved more than one person’s life? Most of us have probably only seen something like that on television. On the nightly news, or in the movies, it’s always got some sort of dramatic music in the background while it happens, too. But for Officer Kyle Klein, there was no dramatic music, and if it wasn’t for this one picture, there probably wouldn’t be a VIRAL Facebook post about it, either.


…when he saw Gerard Cote shoveling snow in front of his home around the block.”


He couldn’t just stand by and let someoneĀ elseĀ have a heart attack! There was no one else around to help the elderly man. The city would fine him if he didn’t keep it cleared. This officer stepped in and probably saved another man’s life only minutes from just saving the first one. Pay attention to the elderly in your neighborhood! They shouldn’t be out shoveling snow when they have kind-hearted neighbors around! No one should have to choose between a clear driveway or a heart attack. Ever.

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