He Is In Love With His Prom Date. When Someone Insults Her Weight, He Has This To Say:

Madison, a teen from Indiana, posted her pre-prom pictures with her boyfriend, Tre. They love posting those adorably sappy relationship photos that make you want to sit down and watch all of your favorite romantic comedies at once. They’re that cute.

But after Madison posted her pictures, something awful happened. She began getting hate comments about her weight.

Wow he loves you even tho you’re fat,” one girl wrote.

Her dress was adorable – a floor length pink sparkling gown – and her hair and nails and makeup were flawless. But some people just like to tear down others, and the comments went viral…and she had an incredible response.

I’m glad I could be an outlet for ‘bigger girls’ by not wearing a stereotypical size for my dress.”

She wants other girls and women to be inspired, beautiful, and confident.

Your not fat baby. God made you just for me . Your perfect. You can’t encourage some one to a healthy lifestyle by calling them fat. Stop saying that’s encouraging because it’s not.”

Hopefully, our society will move past this horrible stage of being bullies to complete strangers, but until then, people like Madison and Tre are glad to put them in their place.

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