He Hired Construction Equipment To Bury This Shed…They Thought He Was Crazy Until They Saw INSIDE!

While the process was happening, his neighbors definitely thought his front yard was an “eyesore.” The large, hulking machinery   made a lot noise while digging the massive hole, and the mounds of dirt were piled high while his construction project was underway. It sounded crazy to bury a storage shed, but by the time he was done, people wanted to know how he’d done it!

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The first step was to lower the empty shed into the ground. It was just the right size, but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to simply bury it with dirt again. The top of that shed hadn’t been built to support any weight, so he had to get creative.
He built a support network, and a beautiful set of stairs to help him get in and out! The shed would need to be under ground, so he needed to make sure that the ground wouldn’t collapse the ceiling with him inside!It took a lot of careful planning…but after the area was dried and supported…the fun began! A beautiful stairway was practically hidden from visitors which made the project that much more exciting. In the end, he had created a cellar of his very own! Cool and dry, the incredible transformation was downright impressive!

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