He Heard A Noise On His Front Porch And Was STUNNED To See A Family Of Lynx Kits!

When Tim Newton, a photographer, woke up on a rainy Tuesday morning, he had no idea what was in store! Something had just bounded across his deck, making enough noise to wake him up and get him out of bed to see what it was. It was a single lynx kit! Lynx are cautious of humans, so he quickly grabbed his camera with the hope of getting a few shots before it disappeared.

To his surprise, the kit was soon joined by another! He captured several pictures of them before they made their way to the other side of his deck. When he followed them, he was shocked to see the mother lynx on the other side of his home. Slowly, out of the bushes, lynx kittens emerged one after another to play on his deck!

The screen door was the only thing between him and the large family. They could hear the soft clicking of his camera and were curious, but they couldn’t see him through the screen.
After he took several pictures, he decided to try his luck and go out onto the deck with them, fully expecting them to dart away into the wilderness…

But they stayed put! The mother was wary for a while, but the kits were content to play and chase one another for a good half hour before leaving. The incredible moments were captured in beautiful photographs, and the images quickly went viral! The rare occurrence was almost magical, and people won’t forget it anytime soon!

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