He Has The Secret To HUGE Luscious Lips: It Isn’t Botox!

Ladies tired of spending thousands on collagen lip injections just to get those vibrant, luscious lips you’ve always wanted?”

Well, internet personality ThaRivas has the answer for you…but you probably won’t like it! He was able to INSTANTLY get the biggest lips of his life, but his method has some people running for the hills.10-13a17While searching for his keys in the grass, he was set upon by two yellow jackets, a vicious type of wasp that doesn’t like being messed with. Consequently, they attacked, stinging him twice directly on his top lip of all places.

His lip swelled up into an outrageous size, but it didn’t stop him from finding the humor in it!

Just have two wasps sting you, boom boom, right in the lips, and then KAPOW!”

And it didn’t cost him a single penny! People are in love with his humorous take on his otherwise-traumatic experience and have replayed the video millions of times.

Being stung by a wasp is at the top of most people’s “things I don’t want to ever happen to me” lists, but he took it in stride, and the strategic stings have people rolling in laughter! Would you get stung in the lips for a moment of beauty? Yikes! At least he can laugh about it!


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