He Had The Perfect Cover To Cheat On His Wife…But He Missed This One HUGE Flaw!

Have you ever had to deal with a cheater? Maybe it was your spouse or maybe it was an ex girlfriend from high school. Whatever the case, dealing with cheating partners is something that no one wants to ever experience! The betrayal, the disappointment, and the feeling of wasted time can be overwhelming, and it only gets worse if our partner lies about it to our face. This woman decided to handle her cheating husband in a way that makes for a hilarious story…when he gets caught?! Too funny!


Oops! I’ve read stories like this before! Apparently, it’s a common thing for someone to name their crushes and hookups with obscure contact names. Some guys like to label the girls they talk to outside of their relationships with the masculine version of their names. “Maria” becomes “Mario” and “Megan” becomes “Matt.”

Some people take it a step further and use the names of restaurants and businesses as their names. “No, that’s not Tina from the bar, that’s Domino’s!” Would you fall for that explanation if “Domino’s” called at 2:30AM? No? Me either…looks like we’re going to need to search for that frying pan!!

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