He Had NOTHING Left To His Name…But He Still Tried To Give This To Her While Out In The Freezing Cold! Wow!

The people who have nothing tend to be more generous than people who have a lot. It hadn’t truly been documented all that often in the past, but thanks to social media, we are seeing more and more cases of the homeless giving back to their community more than people who do have spare change in their pockets and steady income from steady jobs. They care more about the people around them because they know what it’s like to have absolutely nothing left…and they wouldn’t wish that on anyone else. One such example happened earlier this year when one young woman left her house to run a quick errand and was interrupted by a concerned homeless man…


He had nothing. He had no money, he had no food, and didn’t have a way to keep warm other than the clothing on his back. But when he noticed a young woman unprepared for the weather outside, he wanted to do something about it – even if it meant giving her the hat off of his head…the only hat that he had. He wasn’t concerned about where or when he would be able to find another hat. He was concerned about a stranger walking through the cold without proper protection. Would anyone else have done that for her? Probably not. She most likely had passed dozens of people before this homeless man called out to her. And that shows his true character…and it says a lot about the people around us.

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