He Had No Money To Spare For Work-Appropriate Clothing, But A Kind Stranger Lied To Save The Day

Sometimes, people are stopped from helping others because they want to protect their pride. In many cases, people in need will sit outside and ask for help, or stand at intersections holding signs that say ‘will work for food.’ But in some cases, asking for help is just a concept that people can’t accept. Working hard, even when it means not being able to eat, was this man’s goal…and in the end, he was touched in a way he never expected.

I was fresh out of college with a tech job where I was vastly underpaid. 40+ hours a week, no benefits, and it’s a non-profit so they screwed with my taxes being removed from my check because they could…it was a bad situation.

The dress code was business casual, but all of my clothes from college were worn through and coming apart. My roommate’s mom shows up suddenly at our apartment one afternoon and gives me a stack of clothes, all perfectly my size, and says that she got them for her husband, but he didn’t want ’em.

A month or so later, I visit their house and that’s when I notice.

I’m nearly 6 inches taller and 50 pounds lighter than her husband. She went out and bought all of those clothes for me and was trying to spare my pride.

His roommate had explained the situation to his mother, and she realized that he might not accept the gift if he knew it was for him. She tricked him by telling him a lie, and while it may have been deceitful, it was done with the greatest of intentions. A truly selfless act of kindness that helped him keep his job and continue on without worrying about the state of his clothing.


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