He Had No Idea What This Tiny Creature Was, But He Was Determined To Save It!

When Jeff stepped out of his home in Florida, he spotted this tiny creature sweltering in direct sunlight. Its mother was nowhere to be found, but he knew that if he left it there on the ground, it would die. He picked it up and brought it inside, determined to save its tiny life…the problem was that he had no idea what he had just picked up. It was blind, hairless, and had no prominent features. Was it a rat? A guinea pig? Some sort of mole? He had no idea, and folks on the internet couldn’t help him (in fact, they said it would probably die soon), but he came up with a plan.

He mixed together some puppy formula with heavy cream and fed the creature with a bottle. To his surprise, the creature didn’t die!He named her Biscuit and she went everywhere with him. As she grew, he realized that she looked more like some sort of hamster, but it wasn’t until she was several months old that he finally realized that she was some kind of squirrel! She liked fruits, seeds, and nuts, and he gave her a place to climb and burrow.
Until one day…He learned that this small creature he’d been nurturing was a Southern Flying Squirrel! Biscuit was amazing. Jeff covered his home in fabric so that it would be easier for Biscuit to climb around and play while he was at work.

People argued that he should release her into the wild, but more people knew that Biscuit would die on her own. She’d been hand-raised by Jeff, and wouldn’t survive. Now, Jeff has decided to care for Biscuit – she’s one of the family!

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