He Had His Wedding Band Engraved For The Best Reason

Exchanging wedding bands is a long-standing tradition in many cultures, and having them engraved with initials, meaningful phrases, or verses from poems or books makes them all the more personal. But when this groom-to-be considered getting his wedding band engraved, he wasn’t sure that he wanted to choose the traditional options. Getting their initials engraved into the band might be personal, but was it as meaningful?

In the end, he chose something even better. He did a bit of research and discovered a company that would engrave a custom design. He had seen a similar design made out of wood and hoped that they could engrave his bride-to-be’s fingerprint into the actual band.

[I] asked them to make it out of white gold with black plating on the ridges,” he wrote.

We think they did an incredible job! She knew that he was going to have it made and patiently dipped her thumb into ink over and over, making over 70 prints to try and get the “perfect” one. It still took a bit of digital editing on the computer, but the final product is stunning!

The entire process cost just under $1,000, and for a piece of customized jewelry that will be cherished for generations to come, people were amazed! The idea has since gone viral, and more people were inspired by the touching story!

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