He Had A Quick Chat With A Customer As He Left For The Day…She Returned With THIS!

This Zaxby’s in Indiana is a favorite stop for locals who want to grab a quality quick meal without having to go to a fast food joint. When one customer stopped to have a chat with an employee named Noah, the restaurant took notice, and went viral practically overnight!

Noah had just gotten off of his shift at Zaxby’s where he had been working as a part of the kitchen staff. On his way out, he spotted a customer coming in, so he held the door for her and they had a short conversation. While they were talking, she noticed that Noah’s shoes looked a bit worse for wear. The two parted ways, but she must not have been able to get the thought out of her head. The kind employee was working hard and deserved to at least have comfortable shoes after a long shift on his feet…

After she finished her meal, she left, returning later with a gift card. She asked to speak with a manager and explained what she was doing.

She left the gift card with the manager, asking him to give the card to Noah so that he could purchase new shoes. She didn’t leave her name and didn’t want to come back when Noah was at work…

So, he took this picture and hoped she’d get his message!
He wants her to stop by again so that he can thank her in person…but that if she didn’t, he wanted her to know that he was grateful for her kind gesture, and he’ll be sure to ‘pay it forward’ one day too!

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