He Had A Dream That No One Thought Would Be Possible…Until One Man Gave Him A Chance!!

Children with special needs are sometimes overlooked by others in their communities. They may be “lumped” together in classrooms at school and their needs may be met…but just barely. It takes a dedicated person to see their hopes and dreams and care about what happens to them. Caring about their future is just as important as any child, but too often, they get lost in the system and overlooked when it comes to opportunities. One man has made it his life’s work to ensure that these children are not ignored by society. He goes out of his way to help them achieve their goals and do their best in school. For one such child, a dream has never been more in reach.


Today he was made a Ritz employee. The day began as he received an official ID, name tag and uniform.”


Even with his disability, this bright little boy knew what he wanted to do with his life. He wanted to put in the hours to study and grow and achieve his goal. Being a massage therapist is a job that he will always be able to do no matter where life takes him, and it is so incredible to see so many people coming together to make his dream into a reality! It will be a hard journey, but as long as he receives the support and encouragement from those around him, I know he can do whatever he sets his mind to!

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