He Got In Trouble For His “Extreme Hairstyle” And Was Sent To Isolation For FOUR Days

Taylor Jones left for the school holiday with long, curly hair. He was told by the principal that he needed to cut his hair very short because he thought it was “too long.”

When Taylor came back, the school decided that his new hairstyle was “too extreme,” pulled him from his classes, hired an “individual specialist tuition” to teach him for four days while he sat in isolation, and then said Taylor “went against the advice” given to him before the break.But the reason that Taylor’s hair was so long in the first place has everyone scratching their own heads in confusion.

Taylor had been growing his hair out for months in preparation for an event that would happen in June. He wanted to raise money for Cancer Research UK after his friend was diagnosed with cancer. His parents urged him to cut his hair sooner than the scheduled event, since the school had asked him to. He agreed, and decided to still show solidarity with the charity by shaving his head a few months early.

The school decided that this was unacceptable.His mother is angry at how the situation was handled. She agrees that the school has the right to decide what is acceptable, but they could have handled it like adults.

They could have had an assembly and recognised what Taylor had done, but pointed out that normally, this haircut wouldn’t be appropriate for school.” She said.

The principal stands by his decision, even though the general public thinks he took it too far.

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