He Got Called In To Work EARLY, But This Generous $700 Tip Changed His LIFE!

The holiday season brings about a sense of warmth and camaraderie that is hard to match at any other time of year. Whether it’s the extra chill in the air, the “season of giving,” or just the time of year when we cozy up with our families and appreciate the people in our lives, there’s something that puts us in a giving mood.

There are a lot of incredible stories of generosity circulating right now due to the rise in that elusive “holiday spirit,” but this one just beats them all into the dust! This story is about Jeff Louis and his incredible run-in with some generous church goers who had more than a little bit to say to this young man struggling to get by in life.

Jeff works at Gionino’s Pizza, a small chain restaurant based Ohio. One morning, his boss called him to make a huge delivery to a local church congregation. It was an order that would change his life forever.

Jeff went to work, helped make the pizzas that were ordered, and got in his car to make the delivery for their lunch break. When he entered the church parking lot, several people from the church came to meet him at his car. They wanted him to take 1 pizza inside to give to Pastor Ken Wright who was standing on the stage waiting for him. He thought that it was “so weird,” at first, but then something incredible happened…

Pastor Wright’s original plan was to tip the young man $100 for all of his help, but before Jeff could leave, members of the congregation surrounded him, taking turns giving him a huge tip instead!


He was shocked and for a while, he just sat in his car, amazed at the generosity of these complete strangers. After what seemed like hours, he got out his phone and recorded the story to put on the internet, sharing his emotional response with YouTube. His thanks can be felt even over this cold computer screen, and the tears in his eyes reflect his sincere gratitude.

You see, Jeff had been struggling with addiction and had only just started to get his life back on track. He got a job, a car, and was struggling to make ends meet. For someone like Jeff, $700 is enough to give him that extra little “push” to get his life back into stability, and he could not have been more grateful.

“It really truly amazes me that people who don’t even know me just wanted to help me out that much.”

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