He Got A Knock On The Door And Almost Didn’t Answer…But Now, He’s Glad That He Did!

Like most people, having an unexpected guest knock on his front door wasn’t really something he looked forward to. When he realized that a neighbor was standing outside, he opened the door and decided to see what they wanted. He had no idea that he was about to get a homemade dinner!

He had never met this neighbor before, but the woman was carrying a large bag filled with delicious smelling food and wanted to share. 

She told me she wanted to share something with everyone on our road to explain what Ramadan actually is for those of us who aren’t aware, and to give us the gift of food at a time when neither her, nor her family, we’re able to eat. The letter detailed what Ramadan is, why it is practiced by followers of Islam, and what the principles of Islam actually are.

I had expected the knock at the door to be a disgruntled neighbour complaining about my parking, or God forbid, a political canvasser – *shudder* – I didn’t expect a visit from someone who simply wanted to share community spirit, generosity and most importantly, someone who wanted to actively share the knowledge of a religion which is currently at the center of recent events, and which is integral to the lives of over a 1/6th of the planet’s population.”

He decided to share the story because amidst all of the negative news and horrible events happening around the world, there needed to be more people like his neighbor, willing to step outside of their comfort zone in order to brighten someone else’s day.

it’s amazing what a bit of good can do in a time when almost everything we read in the news is negative. What an amazing lady.”

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