He Gave Up Sports Because The Kids At School Were Bullies. Now, His Community Is Pulling Together To Help!

When Tyler isn’t at school, he spends most his time selling lemonade in his front yard to neighbors and passing cars. When Christopher Rhabb first met Tyler a year ago, he suggested joining the boxing gym in town. Tyler confessed that he had tried to join the sports teams and clubs at his school, but he couldn’t handle the constant teasing from bullies about his weight.

Rhabb explained joining the private boxing gym would be a fun way to get in shape, and Tyler told him that it sounded exciting – he couldn’t wait to start.

But the months passed, and Tyler never showed up.

A year later, Rhabb remembered the boy who wanted to join the gym and drove by his house. Sure enough, Tyler was outside selling lemonade. He decided to stop and check on him. In the year since he had seen the boy, he had gained a lot of weight – to the point of being fatal. Rhabb decided to have a talk and learned something heartbreaking…Tyler had told his mother that he wanted to join the boxing gym, but the family simply couldn’t afford it. Tyler’s father was incarcerated and his mother was currently fighter cancer. The family didn’t have a car, and more importantly, they didn’t have any extra income to afford the boxing lessons or the equipment.

Rhabb’s heart broke. On the drive home, he was determined to help Tyler succeed.

This young boy is by far one of the most respectful young men that I have met. He has a heart of gold and deserves to be treated fairly and given the help he needs. Above all he deserves to have his life saved. Because of this I am making it my mission to start a campaign to finance the improvement of his health and well-being and give him a better outlook on life.” He wrote.

Tyler’s community immediately banded together, and as they shared and contributed to his cause, more strangers found it and started donating as well. Rhabb’s $1,000 goal was instantly surpassed. So far, they have raised over $10,000 for Tyler to start a brand new lifestyle and get the help that he needs!

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