He Gave Up On The Girl Of His Dreams…Until She Did THIS Years Later!

Do you have a love story? They vary from person to person, and while most of them end in heartache or tears, a few have a happy ending that transcends generations! But when someone asks you about your love stories, they are usually only asking for one, and their questions follows the time-tested question, “So, how did you two meet?”

It’s a loaded question that would take hours to tell, but even then, the entire story still wouldn’t be complete! Our love stories are made up of moments and brief conversations that we couldn’t possibly remember ever detail of, but in the end, it’s magnificent and wonderful. Any story that has a happy ending is a story worth telling.


This is a love story that really touched my heart! He may have given up searching for her, but he never gave up the hope that one day, he might meet her again! He kept each sticker as a reminder that his true love was out there somewhere, and he cherished those memories enough to bring them with him everywhere that he ended up in life!

I can just see this little boy, rushing home with his candy wrapper to cut out the little sticker. I can see him carefully taping it into his notebook and writing down all of his thoughts and feelings about this girl, imagining what he would say to her if he ever gained the courage to talk to her.

This story was so powerful that it was passed on throughout the generations! It’s just too sweet!

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