He Found This Kitten In A Car’s Engine. His Dog Could NOT Handle It!

Will, a mechanic, was working on a car in his workshop. It needed some engine work done, but the last thing he expected to pull out of the car was an actual kitten. It had gotten itself wedged inside of the block, and he needed help getting it out. He spotted the kitten once it popped its head up to try and get out, but he was stuck. Will called over another mechanic and they worked together to safely remove the kitten. It took a few hours – but eventually, they saved the small animal.

Will suspects that the kitten had been stuck for more than a day due to heavy rain they had received recently. He also thought the kitten had been inside of the engine block when the car was driving around. It was very lucky to have survived the ordeal. He instantly decided to take the kitten home…and his dog took an instant interest in the newest addition to their family!Lennox, Will’s Boxer, follows the kitten wherever it goes. He gives it the space it needs, but he’s never far away! Will also has two cats and another Boxer, but Lennox is the one who truly cares for the little kitten.At first, the kitten was a bit wary…but has since warmed up to its constant (giant) companion! Seeing the pets bond so quickly is just heartwarming!

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