He Found The Perfect Way To “Get Back” At This Rude Patron. Unfortunately, He Wasnt Quite Clever Enough To Pull It Off!

The desire to “get even” when someone hurts or offends us can be really, really strong. People cheat and steal and even murder because of this inexplicable need for revenge. When you work in the service industry and deal with outrageous customers, squashing that need becomes a constant decision of, “is getting back at THIS person worth losing my job over?” Most of the time, the answer is no. But in some rare cases, the answer is a resounding “YES. YES IT IS.”

A man enters a bar and the bartender comes over and asks, “Can I help you, sir?”

The man answers, “What does a cup of coffee cost in this place?”

The bartender says, “That would be $2.60.”

“Alright, I’ll have one,” says the man. He takes 26 dimes out of his wallet and throws them all on the ground. The bartender doesn’t want to get involved in a fight so he just picks up the money and he brings the man his coffee.


A week later, the same man enters the bar. He orders a coffee again but this time he pays with a five dollar bill.

The bartender smelled an opportunity for revenge so when he brings the coffee, he throws 48 nickels on the ground as change. The man drinks his coffee leaving the change on the ground. A few minutes later he throws two dimes on the floor and orders a second coffee.

And legend says that to this day, you can still hear the police sirens rushing down the street to this bar, where one bartender allegedly jumped over the counter and attempted to strangle a patron with his bare hands…

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Okay, maybe not that last bit, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was 100% true! 

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