He Found Out That His Mom Has NO IDEA What Their Family Dog Looks Like With One Message

Jeff Squires was out running errands when he got a strange question from his mother. She wanted to know if he was at home because she’d discovered that two dogs were found roaming the neighborhood by animal control. When she saw the picture, she worried that it had been their family dog that had gotten out…the only problem? The picture she sent to her son looked NOTHING like their family dog! Not only did she get the colors wrong, she also got the size, shape, and breed wrong! This is what Duey actually looks like:While we can’t be sure why mom has no idea what the dog looks like, it’s still fairly hilarious. Maybe she doesn’t spend that much time with their dog. Maybe it is her son’s dog. Maybe Duey doesn’t spend much time in the family room.

Who knows!

Either way, people thought it was outrageous and shared it like crazy. This adorable pup was not, in fact, missing, but was lounging comfortably on the sofa waiting for everyone to get home from their errands.

Hopefully, mom remembers what Duey looks like from now on!

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