He Found His Wife’s Diary, And Suddenly, EVERYTHING Made Sense…

Even after living with someone for years, we still learn things about them that surprise us every now and again. Maybe they leave out details of their job or don’t explain what they were thinking and it can shock us when we finally learn about something that happened weeks ago. Did I know that my husband got a flat tire on the way home from the grocery store last week? Nope. How did I find out? I found a receipt for the tire replacement in his shorts while doing the laundry. It’s not a bad thing to leave out details of your day, it just happens when you get comfortable around someone. In this man’s case, he found out quite a bit more than he wanted to know…


Oh no! She sounds like one special lady! Taking things too literally, in this case, leads to weeks and weeks of terrible cooking! I’m amazed that this couple hasn’t starved to death by now! At least now he understands why dinner has had such a difficult time making it to the table every night…it looks like it is time to sign up for some cooking classes! Hey, that will be fun, right? It will surely make up for all of the hilarious disasters in the past…they will have so many stories for their grandchildren!

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