He Found An Old Journal Hidden In His Wife’s Things…The Truth Inside Brought Him To TEARS…

How much do you remember from childhood? Some children kept journals, some kept knick knacks, and some kept nothing at all from their younger years. This one boy kept a journal and updated it as often as he could – little did he know that his father kept one as well. While the son’s journal was for documenting the most exciting days of his life, after reading this story, I wonder why this father even bothered with one at all! He seems to have missed the point entirely!

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All of those years he spent taking his son for granted – but he can take comfort in the fact that his son cherished every moment, even when his father may have seen things differently. I’m glad this was shared with the rest of us. It reminds us to take each day as it comes and to make the best of it! Without the bad times, there can be no good times…but cherishing those that we love the most will make for the best memories of all! 

This old man learned a valuable lesson that day, and he attempts to share it with as many people as he can. Don’t take life for granted. Live every day with the people you love. Don’t waste a moment – they’ll be gone before you can blink.

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