He Found A Woman Standing Helpless On The Side Of The Road, But When He Did THIS, His Life Changed Forever.

Having car trouble is scary enough as it is…having car trouble on the side of an unknown road AT NIGHT is even scarier! Now imagine that you don’t have any way to call for help! Maybe your phone ran out of battery and you left your charger at work this morning. Maybe you forgot your phone entirely when you ran off to run your errands. Feeling so helpless and alone in an unknown place is terrifying, and even though I would need help, I would be extra wary of a strange man stopping to help me fix my car. Put yourself in her shoes for just a minute…would you have trusted this man? Would you have done what this woman did?


These two strangers had no way to know what would happen as a result of their actions. This man didn’t know that this woman might stop at the same diner where his wife worked, and he didn’t know that she would choose to bless this waitress with the money she would have offered the man! I love stories like these because they give me hope that one day my own good deeds might change someone else’s life without me ever knowing about it. When something good happens to me, I try to remember to “pay it forward” to the next person in any small ways that I can! Even just a smile can brighten someone else’s day! Every good deed is always worth it. Do something nice today!

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