He Found A Way To Tell Mom How He’s Doing On His Travels! The Pics Are VIRAL!

Jonathan Quiñonez quit his job to travel the world. He left everything behind, and of course, his mother worried about him. Maintaining communication can be tough traveling all over South America, but uploading a picture now and then is easy to do at any internet cafe. So he decided on a way to let mom know that he was alright at every step of the way…by carrying a hand-made sign to hold in each picture! His Instagram account has gone viral thanks to his clever idea, and his adventures are making thousands of people jealous!

He’s on a bridge in Costa Rica. It may be scary, but it’s okay because:Hello from the Colombian Army, and it’s okay because:
People were angry at this next one. “Leave nothing but footprints behind.” This waterfall in Costa Rica is beautiful, and it’s okay because it’s just chalk and:This friendly Costa Rican monkey says ‘hello!’ He’s dangerously close to that volcano in Costa Rica, but it’s okay because:
The locals of Cuba dance in the streets, and it’s okay because:Scuba diving in Panama is fun, and it’s okay because:A festive woman in Colombia poses with him, and it’s okay because:
Skydiving over Mexico is nerve-wracking, but it’s okay because:This dangerous alligator in Mexico may attack at any moment, but it’s okay because:These girls in Cancun are excited to help him get a message to mom!Mom doesn’t have to worry with these adorable pictures floating around the internet! This is a cute way to let mom know that the trip is going well when there isn’t a phone available to call her.

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