He Found A Dollar On The Floor, But What He Wanted To BUY With It Caused Mom To Write This VIRAL Facebook Post!

Most 4-year-olds want to go to the dollar store because generally, nothing is off-limits. Everything is only $1, and that means that they can pick out a toy…and mom won’t say ‘no!’ In fact, mom might even let them get two toys! It’s an exciting place to go for a kid. An entire isle of toys from floor to ceiling in ever color and style! Sure, they are extremely cheap and will probably break by the end of the week, but the fun is getting to choose from that wall and have something new that didn’t break the ‘bank of mom.’ So when Amanda Taylor’s son found a crisp, $1 bill with a sticky note attached, she was surprised by what he wanted to do with it…


He could have bought a toy or a candy bar. He could have gotten just about anything…but instead, he wanted to keep the happiness going. Once he realized that someone had done this kind thing on purpose, he wanted to do a kind thing for a stranger, too! While his idea was an adorable ‘ding, dong, ditch-but-leave-cookies,’ the sentiment is the same. He learned a valuable lesson that day…and thanks to the thousands of shares and likes, I’d say that so has everyone else! Way to go, kid!

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