He Found A Caterpillar And Named It “Chicken Nugget.” He Documented Its Life Before Setting It Free!

It all started on a 16-year-old’s way to class. He looked down and spotted this caterpillar and instantly wanted to help out. He was afraid that it would get squished out on the concrete, so he took it to class with him and named it the first thing that came to mind: Chicken Nugget.8.24a1After a little research, he decided to share his discover with Tumblr, a site where he could connect with friends and share Chicken Nugget’s journey.

So apparently, Chicken Nugget is a spicebush swallowtail and they turn yellow before they pupate,” Oddity wrote in the original Tumblr post. “He was making little silk things everywhere.”

Spicebush swallowtail caterpillars turn yellow before transforming into a chrysalis.
8.24a2He created a habitat for Chicken Nugget in his bathroom and put on some sweet jams to help him “do his thing.” By this point, hundreds of people were following Chicken Nugget’s life journey and cheering him on.
8.24a3He turned into a chrysalis, and people were counting down the days. Chicken Nugget would be in this state for 14 days, and the teen kept everyone updated. Eventually, it was nearing the time that Chicken Nugget would break free and begin to stretch his wings…

Unfortunately, band practice would interrupt the joyous occasion. The teen wouldn’t be able to capture the moment on camera.8.24a4When he rushed home, he discovered the Chicken Nugget had transformed into Chicken Wing and was perched happily on the bathroom ceiling. 8.24a5He left Chicken Wing alone for another day because “his wings were still weird,” but the day after that, he let Chicken Wing fly off into the sunrise to enjoy his short life.


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