He Finds His Girlfriend Passed Out On The Bed…The Reason Made Him Buy A RING!

The things we do for love!

Life isn’t always fair. While some people are given an easier start in life, some are not. Working part-time jobs just to try and get through school is a common thing nowadays, but with pitiful wages and increasing debts, the quest for an education is just out-of-reach for more and more people. Sure, some people were given easier starts in life by parents who had good jobs and were able to provide more for their kids…but it’s the women like her who had to fight every step of the way that truly deserve more recognition.


My 38 year old girlfriend just started her second quarter of college. She’s raised two kids, 15 and 10, on her own, has piss-all parents and was the victim in not one but two domestic violence cases. This is how I found her tonight. I’m so proud of this woman I could burst. We went wedding ring shopping earlier today and I think I’m ready to make the best decision of my life.”

She fought, she struggled, and she is halfway there…but she isn’t giving up just because it’s hard! She’s working, she’s studying, and all of her hard work is paying off. She is going to get her happy ending after all of this time, and plans to give her children the leg-up in life that was denied to her by her family and past relationships. Nothing will get in her way…and her soon-to-be fiance knows it all too well! You never know what someone is struggling with in life, and this picture has already touched so many hearts!

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