He Filled The Ad Display At Target With Fake Black Friday Deals

An artist named Jeff Wysaski routinely “plants” fake notices and events in public places, taking pictures of his hilarious creations and posting them online for others to see. Making light of the chaos of Black Friday has some people laughing harder than they thought they would – and others are upset that he’s been making fun of their quest for good deals.

To look at the spread, it looks convincing…until you read the fine print and notice the Skittles brand flat-screen. He made sure to print the Obvious Plant logo on every page!11-22a2He intermingled these ridiculous “deals” between actual Target newspapers to make it all seem that much more convincing. If you’ve been fighting off a craving for pudding or enchanted mayonnaise, look no further! Want to go camping with an actual possum? He’s got you covered.11-22a3You’ve got to wake up early to get these deals!11-22a4Have you been looking for the perfect falcon, but weren’t sure what to name it? Here are some friendly suggestions.11-22a5He also pokes fun at the helplessness of gift-giving by featuring items that most people use the day that they open the gift and store in the garage, never to be used again…11-22a6And of course, Target is the one-stop gift shop for all of your centaur needs.

What I want to know is how many people thought these ads were serious before they realized that the entire spread was satire? Too funny!


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