He Fell Asleep On The Job…The ENTIRE Company Stood Behind Him To Take THIS Photo!

…And predictably, the internet banded together to make it even MORE hilarious! Photoshop wizards from around the interwebz have taken this picture and created artistic masterpieces! They turned his mishap into a magical adventure, and now we can share the hilarity together!

So here is the original picture. It features a guy (want to bet and guess that he’s an intern? Oh, please let this have been his first day!) sitting at dual monitors with headphones on. He has passed out at his desk. Doing work? Maybe. Listening to music and checking up on Facebook? Most probably!

The entire office gathered from all different departments to take this fantastic group photo – each one happier and sillier than the last! Is that his boss right beside him? I hope so.


The infamous “face swap” gone horribly, horribly right! this is my absolute favorite picture out of all of them. The artist even shaded the faces to match each person’s skin tone! And they kept the glasses on the dudes with glasses! Perfection.


Have you ever wanted to see a movie about a guy who fell asleep at work? No? Well, too bad! It’s going to be a summer hit!3.2a17

Weekend at Bernie’s…OFFICE?! He does look rather…deceased…3.2a30


This looks like the best office to work in. They don’t judge! They also know that we’re all human, and sometimes fall asleep at our desks! They have a good sense of humor and obviously enjoy a good practical joke. Awesome.

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