He Explains EXACTLY Why The World Needs More Kindness…It’s Perfect!

Too often, we turn on the evening news and feel sick after the first few stories. People are killing, people are hurting others, children are suffering…and it seems that no one is doing anything to try and change it. This man decided that there was a simple solution, and it really didn’t require that much extra effort on our part. So what would it really take to start making a difference in the world around you? Doing small deeds here and there might make a few people smile, and they may even pass it on one day, but what more could we try? Here’s one man’s take on the problem, and it is wonderfully inspiring.

By being beautiful and kind you are doing your part to create a more beautiful world. When you are kind to people in public you become a force for good, and you are teaching everyone who is watching you. People know love when they feel it; your heart speaks to their heart.

People don’t care what you say, only how you make them feel, so try to create pleasure for every person you encounter. If you do this, your life will change forever, along with the lives of those you have touched. We are both thinking and feeling creatures. We must, therefore, devote our lives not only to rationality, but also to kindness.

There is no greater intelligence than kindness and empathy. Kindness is the supreme intelligence. Let your brilliance be expressed through kindness. If you can be kind to people, you will be a genius in this world.”

Bryant McGill

Being kind isn’t something that comes naturally to most of us. In fact, when something bad happens in our lives, the first thing we usually do is curse and ask “why me?!” Learning to react with kindness and compassion is a skill. Yes, the bagger at the check-out counter dropped a jar of pickles onto the floor…but our reaction is what sets the tone for every event afterwards. It’s hard to consciously decide that being kind is the better choice in any given situation, but in the end it is usually the best path we could have taken, considering the outcomes. This was so inspiring!
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