He Expects The WORST When She Tells The School About Her Stepdad…But She Leaves The Audience In TEARS!

Struggling to fit into a new family can be difficult for everyone involved. Two people want to start building a life together, but former spouses, children from a previous marriage, and even judgmental friends can be constant obstacles during that rough transitional period. It can be hard for a step-parent to know where their boundaries are, and it can be even harder for the children to accept this new person into their everyday lives. One step-father tries to find the balance in his life, but soon finds himself lost and farther than ever from his daughter…because of this, he isn’t sure what she’s going to say about him when she steps up to the microphone at school…

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The parents who knew the family realized how big of a step this was for her to take. They understood the struggles and had watched this new family learn and grow, piecing their lives together one day at a time. They were also the parents of teenage children and understood how incredibly rare an admission like that could be.

Her simple statement opened the door for their relationship to become even stronger! He could now be certain of his position in her life – and she knew that she could always count on him to be there for her – “real” dad or not!

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