He Encountered A Homeless Family On The Streets, Worrying About Where They Would Sleep

Officer Nuttall with the Bradenton Police Deptartment is gaining a lot of attention after his actions towards a homeless family. He first encountered the family when he heard the mother crying along with her son. They weren’t able to find a shelter that night that would also allow her son to keep his dog, and her son hadn’t eaten. He was hungry, tired, and the family didn’t know where¬†else to turn for help.

He began to do everything that he could to help.

First, he knew that he could give the child a hot, filling meal. He took the family out for pizza and contacted the local Humane Society to take the dog in for the night. Then, he booked the family a room at a hotel so that they could shower and sleep soundly, even if it was just one night.

10-7a18Once they were situated, he went to talk to the Salvation Army, where Annette Horner was able to learn about the entire ordeal. Officer Nuttall came to ask if the Salvation Army would be able to find a place for the family to stay the next morning after they were to check out of the hotel, and Horner was able to make arrangements to take care of the family!

Thank you, Officer Nuttall, for being a fine example of human kindness and for all you do!” She wrote on Facebook.

She wanted everyone to know how incredible this man’s actions were that day, and hopes that more people will be inspired to help those in need.


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