He Dropped ONE Thing From His Diet And Lost 53 Pounds In A Year!

One day, he had just had enough. For over a year, he had planned on making a big change in his life,but days turned into weeks, and weeks turned into months, and he never did. He drank every day, and every day he hated himself a little more…but there was always a small part of him that hoped it would get better.

I ended up making a date in my head and planned on sticking with it. I didn’t tell anybody. That day came and I didn’t drink. The first week was hard. I wanted to drink, I couldn’t sleep and I hated my body. I replaced all my drinking with eating whatever I wanted, but at least I wasn’t drinking. My anxiety started getting pretty bad about a month in, but it wasn’t the same type of anxiety that I had while drinking. I was just restless and sometimes I’d get the urge to just run. I laughed and thought about Forest Gump and how one day he just started running. Well one night that happened, it was a warm night and I felt like I was going to break through my skin, it was burning so bad with anxiety. I reached down pulled up on my laces and bolted out the door.”

It was hard. It was a huge change. But from that moment on, he decided not to go back to drinking. 

I found something I liked to do that wasn’t drinking AND it was bettering my health. My blood pressure went from high to almost too low in a matter of a month, which was roughly the second month of being sober.

I’m a chef, I love food and flavors. I love good wine with steak. I love really strong bitter beer, but I can’t have it. That’s the only thing. My wife still drinks wine and I swear when she opens a bottle I can almost see the aroma trailing right over to my nose like a cartoon. Her drinking doesn’t bother me. It’s not the worlds problem that I have a problem. I need to deal with my s*** like a big boy. My liquor cabinets are still filled with booze and my fridge is still full of beer. The only difference is I don’t drink. It’s cool because I have drinks to offer guests when they come over. My children won’t grow up thinking that drinking is normal like I did.”

He stuck with his new hobby and never went back to alcohol. In the end, he shares why his life is so drastically different.

Work is easier, Im more confident. I can stay up later and get up earlier without wanting to die. I don’t plan on what and when I should eat just so I can drink more without getting a hangover. I don’t wake up choking on regurgitated red wine in the middle of the night in my nose. No more heart burn. I always drive, my wife doesn’t have to drive me home whenever we go out. My hair doesn’t fall out. I can do pull ups, sometimes I have abs, I can outrun my dog if he gets out. I don’t have white tongue or a bar tan. I don’t stink like a sweet and sour bar mat. Pretty much LIFE IS PRETTY F****** GOOD RIGHT NOW. Because I don’t drink.”

His story inspired thousands, and it is still being shared. He changed his life, and hopes that he can help others in the process.

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