He Donates A Kidney And Ended Up Saving His Own Life!

In 2014, Don Hebert went to a bake sale at a church. There were crafts being sold as well as cakes, and he got to briefly meet Pastor Tim Jones. After a short conversation and a discovered love of music, the two exchanged business cards and went on their way. Little did they know, they were about to save the life of the other in a circumstance that you only hear about in movies.

Hebert (pictured right) began to suffer major medical complications, and after numerous tests and small procedures, he was told that he would need a heart catheterization…and a new kidney. The waiting list at the time was three years long, and his wife, Belinda, couldn’t stand to wait. She immediately took to Facebook.

I want the man I love to live a long life. I do want to grow old with him by my side,” she wrote.

Jones was the first person to respond, and offered to get tested to see if he was a match right away.11-9a7

Hebert was stunned, and when Jones’ tests came back as a match (a shocking 1 in 20,000 chance), they were thrilled. But the doctors had bad news for Jones. During the scans, they had discovered a hidden aneurysm in his brain that could rupture at any point, killing him instantly. If they didn’t operate soon, he would die.

If he hadn’t come in for the screening, he would have died.

Doctors were able to remove the aneurysm and transplant the donated kidney at the same time. The selfless act by Jones saved two lives that day, and Hebert will never forget it.


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