He Donates 100 Pizzas To Flood Victims On His Birthday…And Inspires Others To Do The Same!

Carson Boutte had a dream about what he should do for his birthday, but it wasn’t a typical 9-year-old’s idea of “fun.” He knew that he would be receiving gifts and spending money from his parents, but he was inspired by his dream and wanted instead to help the people in his own community.

Many residents in Louisiana were displaced due to recent flooding, and when the waters died down, many people were forced to deal with the aftermath. Their homes and belongings were destroyed, but people were still out trying to clean up the mess left behind by the flood waters. Carson didn’t want them to have to stop and worry about lunch, he wanted them to focus on putting their lives back together instead.8.25a9

He asked mom to help him out, so his parents, Ross and Lanie Boutte, called their local Domino’s and got everything in order.

They purchased 100 pizzas instead of cake and presents, and Carson and his friends drove around and handed out pizzas to his neighbors. They created a Facebook post so that their friends and family could donate pizzas as well…and it went viral. People from everywhere began flooding the Domino’s phone lines looking to order pizzas to be delivered, and Domino’s was inspired.

They matched Carson’s 100 pizzas with their own. Together, Carson, Domino’s, and strangers from around the country donated 363 pizzas to the people who needed it the most.


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