He Donated Over 100 Books To His Local Jail…Using His Allowance!

Tyler Fugett is only 9 years old, but he has one of the biggest hearts around! He told his mother one day that he would like to give something special to the guys behind bars at the Montgomery County Jail. He thought it might help them get their minds off of their surroundings and have a way to live another life, even though they are stuck behind bars.

The sheriff’s office got quite a shock when little Tyler showed up unannounced with over 100 books. He had purchased them on sale at the local bookstores in their town.

his mother had driven him around to each one while he purchased the books on sale, quickly building up a nice little stockpile.

When I’m thinking bad thoughts, I like to read, so I want to collect books for them.”6.30a1

His reasoning is that if they don’t have time to think about doing bad things once they get out, they will be inspired to get out and live better lives. Maybe even finding a new passion that they never knew they had.

The jail library doesn’t get funding from tax payers, so they rely totally on donations. He plans to drop off more books in the future and has even begun collecting personal hygiene items to donate as well.

Mom understands what a sacrifice this is. Their own family lives penny-to-penny, but right now her house looks like a book shop! Every cent that her son earns goes towards purchasing more items for the jail. He has a very giving heart!

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