He Donated Half Of His Liver To A Stranger…And Married Her Two Years Later!

Christopher Dempsey, 38, was sitting in the break room at work when he overheard a strange conversation that moved him in a way that he could have never predicted. His coworker having a conversation about his cousin, a complete stranger to Dempsey, who needed a liver transplant to live. The doctors had given her a 50% chance of living even two more months without a new liver. She was living on borrowed time, and that didn’t sit well Dempsey.

He decided to get tested, and when he learned that he was a match for the woman, he decided to give her the news himself.

Heather Krueger, 27, was suffering from stage four liver disease, accepted the offer at once and met up with Dempsey for lunch. Little did they know, their love story had just begun.

We were going out looking for donations for a benefit, and I just started thinking, she’s a really nice girl, she is somebody I would like to get to know.” Dempsey said.

After the successful transplant, the couple officially began dating in March of 2015. Less than a year later, Dempsey proposed.10-28a6

19 short months after receiving a liver donation from a stranger, the two were married, moving forward to live their lives together as one! (Somewhat literally!)

The story is inspiring thousands of people and opening up the topic of donating life-saving organs to strangers, saving families one donation at a time.


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