He Didn’t Want To Waste Time Seaching For A Roommate…He Brought The Search To HIM!

Alfredo Salkeld didn’t want to waste time looking for a roommate. Combing through classified ads for a person to share the rent didn’t sound exciting, and finding someone who wasn’t “crazy” was a bigger task than he had time for. Instead, he made a website. He posted clever little ads around town where people were sure to see them. It led them to a page where they could fill out a “roommate application” and help the process along. The result is a hilarious website that more people should probably use.

See that couch? That’s where you’d sit and wish we had a TV because the tiny one I have is my roommate’s and she’s taking it with her when she leaves. While we’re on the subject of stuff, let me know if you have a tire pump. My bike has been flat for forever now and the pump I bought didn’t work. Never trust Schwinn. Never.

Taking a drink at a water fountain? Beautiful. Roommate application.
Not sure what to do about snack distribution? No problem! He shares.This is a real problem in most homes. Who takes out the trash? Not an issue – he’ll do it!How about the toilet roll? Replaced. The seat might be up fairly often…but that’s no big deal. Probably.No dead plants on his watch!Since he put the website up, he has found the perfect match! How much easier would this process be if more people did it like this? I’d like this. I’d like this a lot.

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