He Didn’t Realize His Son Couldn’t Follow Him To The Blood Donation Center. This Woman Stepped In!

Today was this dad’s birthday. He didn’t want the day to pass without some sort of accomplishment, and he had the day off. Instead of leaving his son in day care, he decided to take him along to wherever the day might take them. He eventually decided to donate blood to mark the occasion.

When he arrived at the donation center, however, he realized he had made a mistake. Children were not allowed in the blood donation area. There were too many delicate instruments and ways to injure themselves, and dad was disappointed that he wouldn’t be able to do it…until this employee stepped in to help!
She thoroughly enjoyed playing with the toddler. They read books and played with toys, ate some snacks and bonded for nearly an hour while dad gave blood! She was happy to spend the time with her new little friend, and dad was glad that he was able to donate blood in the end.

Great experience and makes me feel good to be human.” Dad wrote when he posted the picture.

Thanks to this woman’s kindness, dad was able to do something good for his community. He was able to spend the rest of his birthday with his son – and had a wonderful story to share afterwards! Happy birthday, dad!

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