He Didn’t Notice His Dad’s Tie At First…But The Truth Is Too Precious!

Dylan Olvio, 18, was focused on graduating. It was a monumental occasion and everyone dressed to impress…but his father, Robert, had a different idea.

Back when Dylan was in the first grade, he created a gift for his father in honor of Father’s Day. At the time, he loved Pokemon and decided to create a tie with his favorite character on it. He used crayons and designed a custom tie for his dad and gave it to him.

Robert never wore the tie because he didn’t actually wear ties…but he kept it for a special occasion. 11 years later, he wore it to his son’s graduation.

I didn’t expect him to really wear it or even have it this whole time. He has never worn the tie before in his life until my graduation day,” Dylan said.

His father decided to wear the tie in order to make a statement and show just how far his son had come, from his education to the man he had grown into over the past decade.

Standing next to something he had created as a child pulled at the heart strings of thousands. The initial tweet was deleted, but not before people were able to save the special moment!

This was one proud dad, and the picture is just too perfect!

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