He Didn’t Expect To Hear THIS When He Ran Into An Old Friend At Wal-Mart Just Days After His Mother Passed Away. What A Coincidence!

Have you ever stopped to think about why things happen the way they do? It’s a huge, unanswered question that we have been trying to answer since the world began… “what is the meaning of life?” Some argue that the meaning of life is to just keep living – no matter what! It doesn’t matter how hard it gets or where you end up, but the fact that you kept on living even when times were tough is what life truly means. For this man, he never expected for so many things to happen all at once…the timing is incredible!


…She would be thrilled to have known her chair would go to someone who really needed it to get around.”

He was grieving over the death of his mother. He hadn’t thought beyond just getting through the next day – one step at a time. That’s when he ran into an old friend…and he knew exactly how to keep his mother’s memory alive! Spreading good deeds and doing something that “mother would have wanted” is a way for her to keep on living long after her time on Earth had ended. This story is a touching combination of hope, strength, and generosity, and we can all learn from this touching story!

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