He Decided To Practice His Improv Comedy On A Wal-Mart Employee Who Asked A Dumb Question…The Entire Line Couldn’t Stop Laughing!!

At a certain point during the day, whether its brought on by stress, hunger, or just being plain old tired, stupid questions can really start to get on your nerves. When someone walks into your office and says, “oh, what are you doing, working?” No, really? Is that what I’m doing at work? Or when they walk into the living room and ask what you’re eating while you’re eating a bowl of cereal, it can be so difficult not to answer their dumb question with, “no, this isn’t cereal, it’s dirt. I’m eating dirt.” Sarcasm seems like a second language to some people, and this guy in line at Wal-Mart is no exception!


That punch-line is too hilarious! I wonder if he came up with it on the spot as he neared the end of his story, or if he had it in the back of his mind all along! I’ve never been good at telling jokes, but this one is just so funny! I wasn’t expecting that ending at ALL! Do you do this when people ask you dumb questions?! I don’t think I’d be clever enough to pull this off without laughing my way through half of it!

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