He Decided To Do Something INCREDIBLE For The Girls In His School…Too Sweet!

Hayden Godfrey is the hero that we all wish went to school with us!

Valentine’s Day is sometimes a hard thing to go through as a teenager – especially if you don’t have a sweetheart. Many people take this holiday as a fun way to express their fondness for their friends, seeing other students and giving and receiving cards and candies just to say “I care!” Some students take it very seriously, sometimes even having bouquets delivered to the class in the middle of the day! Whichever type of student you were, you can still appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into this massive gesture of goodwill!


Have you ever done something like this? Surely many of us have done a kind deed for those around us and perhaps even done something fun like bring cookies for a whole class or candy for all of your friends…but he bought hundreds of flowers and prepared for days to make this holiday very special for everyone that he met!

Even if it’s not for a holiday, having something to do like this can brighten up anyone’s day – even if it’s just one person! Do something kind for someone today…even if it’s just a smile and a wave hello!

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