He CRIED During A Job Interview. Here’s Why He Was HIRED!

Boon Cotter had a dream to work for Naughty Dog, a game studio with a big reputation. He was an artist, and when a job opened up at the studio, he decided to go for it. He knew it was a long shot, and he knew that he’d probably walk away with a polite “we’ll be in touch,” but he had no idea that the interview would leave him in tears.

He booked a ticket from Australia to Los Angeles, California to the Naughty Dog offices for his interview. It was crazy, but he was going to do it no matter what. As he suspected, the interview just wasn’t going very well. He didn’t feel like he was giving good answers, and when they asked him why he wanted to work there, he stopped himself in the middle of a “generic” answer about them being the best and decided to tell them the truth: he wanted to work with them because of a character in one of their games.

I told them it was the first time I’d seen a gay man portrayed as this gruff, masculine, tragically heroic type of character. He wasn’t a punchline to a joke. He wasn’t overtly stereotypical. A lot of players didn’t even pick up that he was gay. I told them that I saw myself represented for the first time. A burly, hairy, daddy bear character, a guy I respected and understood. That made me fall in love with everyone here. And telling them that made me start crying.” He wrote on Twitter.

His honest answer landed him him dream job, and he has a message for others:

Don’t underestimate authenticity. Be raw, be vulnerable, be real. That’s where your uniqueness shines.”

Hopefully, it works for someone else.

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