He Couldn’t Write More Than A Few Sentences At A Time…But One Question From A Classmate Changed His Point Of View!

When life gets hard, a lot of us just give up. Working extra hard doesn’t sound like fun at all. Why waste time doing something you aren’t confident about when you could be doing something fun? Right? Well, for Anthony, the answer to his problem was easier than anyone thought it would be…

Anthony has autism, ADHD, SPD and hypermobility.  In short this means he finds it difficult to hold a pencil, feel what the pencil is doing, concentrate on what he is supposed to be writing and finds it physically tiring. It’s no surprise that Anthony has never written more than a single of page of work at school in messy writing.  He is also very concerned about getting things wrong so will make sentences short, using small words so he is less likely to get tired or make a mistake. This has limited his practice and confidence.”

But that changed one day when Anthony’s friend asked him to go into detail about his favorite subject: Go Karts. Anthony never wanted to practice writing because it was so hard. He wanted to do it well, but his limitations made it feel impossible. Until one day, a kind friend at school took an interest in Anthony’s life. He wanted to help. And to Anthony’s surprise, he was able to write more than he ever has – all in one sitting.

The actual letter is 4 pages long, but this is what he wrote:


To Henry,

This is my Kart. It’s black, it’s very good and it’s got a full tank and it’s got a speedo. I wear a rib protector and a karting suit, and I wear karting shoes, and I wear karting gloves, and I wear a balaclava, and I wear a helmet and I wear a neck brace. These are the tracks I have been to: I have been to Surbiton, Daytona, Clay Pigeon, Rye House, Camberley, Barford Meadows and Thruxton.

My Kart goes very fast. My kart has got an engine and it’s got pedals. It has a radio just for information. Sometimes I drive on my own and sometimes I drive with boys and girls. You have to be a bit older to practice at some tracks. My kart has got very grippy tires and it has got worn-out tires and it has got dry tires.

The dry tires are very slippery because they are very cool. But when I get them very hot they’re going to be faster than the worn-out tires. My kart has got three engines. You do have to be a bit older to do kart races.

Love from,
Your friend”

This is too sweet! I hope that this letter gave him the confidence to keep practicing! He did it so well – his mother must be so proud! Hopefully he can eventually make a career involving Go Karts. 

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