He Couldn’t Find Any Place To Work…So He Did Something CRAZY And Started A Business! This Kid Is Going Places.

Blake Pyron had landed a dream job working with the public at a barbeque restaurant. He loved the hours, the work, the people, and the experience, but one month after his high school graduation, the restaurant closed down. It left him with little options to move forward in the small town, so he decided to do something that most people would have thought was pretty crazy.

This inspiring 20-year-old opened up his own business. The results of his entrepreneurial spirit has given him the title of the youngest business owner in his hometown!

His family got together and decided to come up with a plan. Blake gave it a lot of thought and finally chose to focus on something he had always loved: snow cones!

With the help of his brother, he came up with exciting flavors such as “Hulk” and “Shark Attack,” and he knew that with his strong background in customer service, the shack would definitely be a success! They designed a logo and got a mobile van to sell the snow cones from. The little shack has dozens of supporters, and Blake has even been able to hire one 15-year-old employee to help out. They sell T-shirts, too!5.9b1

Since the grand opening, he has become a local star! Featured on news segments and talk shows, he is on his way to expanding the business and continuing to work for himself as the boss of his very own company.

Blake’s parents have a message to anyone who has children with special needs.

So many moms are told, ‘Your child cannot do this.’ We were told Blake wouldn’t be able to do things, and we looked past that. You don’t know us. You don’t know our child, so don’t label him. We haven’t, and he turned out great.”


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