He Couldn’t Find A Date To Prom…So He Took His CAT! Their Picture Is “Purrfect!”

During prom season, many teens find themselves with the difficult task of finding a date. While many may end up going with friends instead of a romantic interest, sometimes, even that option is unavailable. For Sam Steingard, that was the exact predicament he found himself in. With no date to prom, he didn’t want to end up going alone…

So, he decided to take his best – and furriest – friend! He didn’t want to miss out on the event, and so planned to take pictures with his date. Ruby, his loyal cat agreed to be his date! Well, in pictures, at least!

She wasn’t going to go to the actual dance because that would be much too stressful, but dressing up and posing for a few photographs seemed an adequate request from her human, and so she agreed!

Sam’s sister posted the iconic picture online and it quickly went viral. Everyone loves the Ruby, the reluctant prom date!
5.17a23They got matching outfits and took a dozen or so pictures until they got the “purrfect” shot! her sparkly dress is a dream come true, although she couldn’t stand to wear it for very long! 5.17a24

While not able to be his date for very long, the iconic pictures will live on in a special place over his parents’ mantle for decades to come! I hope they show this to all of his future dates. It’s just too cute!

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