He Couldn’t Figure Out Where His Groceries Were Disappearing To…When He Realized The Truth, He Couldn’t Stay Silent!

As a mom, I always know where things are. When someone yells asking for their belt, I know where they left it. When someone can’t find a project for school, I know where that is, too. Can’t find an umbrella? Ask mom. Don’t know where you left your keys? Ask mom. Lost your phone? Ask mom. We hear a see a lot more than we let on to our kids, so when this dad realized that groceries were disappearing left and right (you can bet that he checked all of the trashcans) he decided to investigate. When he discovered what was happening, he couldn’t stop himself from posting this to Facebook!

This man is raising an amazing daughter! Her first instinct was to help this child in her class, and she knew enough to be sensitive and realized that he wouldn’t want to be embarrassed about not having enough food. This dad is great for trying to help out this family as much as he can without hurting their reputation, but I do think he should take his daughter shopping so that she can learn that it’s okay to give help to those who are less fortunate! She doesn’t need to “sneak” anymore, but this story is just so adorable! She has a heart of gold!

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