He Couldn’t Believe That She Only Had A Small Jar Of Coins To Her Name. When He Did This Awesome Deed, He NEVER Thought He Would Get THIS In Return!

Living paycheck to paycheck is a harsh reality that too many of us are familiar with. Realizing that we don’t have any money after bills to buy food? It’s an extreme case, but one that happens all too often. This is an unfortunate reality for college age kids today, if their parents are unable to give them financial support. Working and studying make it nearly impossible to make ends meet, and sometimes, like this girl found out, a jar of coins is all that stands between you and your next meal.


…it seemed to me she needed the money more than I did and I was just ‘Paying It Forward.'”


In his case, his good deed came back to him in a shockingly specific amount that matched his earlier gift. Not everyone gets to witness the return of their good deeds in such obvious ways, so when it happens, everyone wants to share the good news! And with more and more people doing random good deeds, we’re likely to see many more stories just like this one in the future! I hope that girl was able to remember this amazing gesture when she next does a good deed for someone else. That is how we can make the world a better place for generations to come!

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