He Couldn’t Be With His Father After A Major Surgery…So His Brother Sent This Picture!

Living away from family is hard enough, but living across oceans and on different continents is even harder. When his father needed surgery, he knew he wouldn’t be able to help as much as he would like. He lived in the United States, while his father lived in the United Kingdom. When he realized that he wouldn’t be a part of his father’s recovery process…he asked his brother for updates. This was the picture he got in return.

My 83 year old father just had heart surgery last week. The surgery went well but it’s going to be a long recovery. He lives in the U.K. and I live in the US, so my brother has been keeping me updated daily with his progress. He recently sent me a picture of him giving my Dad a shave in his hospital bed. It just pulled at my heart strings. Here’s my big burly brother tenderly taking care of my frail father with a simple shave. This is what matters – tender moments between an elderly father and his grown up son. The picture says it all.”

Being thousands of miles away during a long and difficult recovery takes a toll of everyone, but knowing that her father was being cared for – even getting regular shaves! – made the thousands of miles feel a little less far. These are the memories that children will hold on to, and the post has reminded hundreds of people to appreciate the people in their lives…because we can never be sure just how much longer we have.

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